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3 days late, but hey, better late than never.
Anyways, yeah, 2016 kinda sucks to me. Mostly personal crap: Half a year was gone because of a job, and had a little melt down of my work. This might explain why I  rarely updated here. If you guys want to see most of my work, just go to my twitter and or tumblr page. I tend to post random sketches over there. Anyways, what ideas do I have in mind for 2017? 
I felt like 2016 was, "working for others" type of year, and I kinda hated that, so I want this year to work on my own stuff. I won't say too much other than I'm gonna experiment much more this year, and draw some different styles. I know most of you guys like my pin ups, in which I will draw more of, but I want to tackle other stuff too. Been getting into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure lately, horror stories, old anime, more batshit insane manga (Just look at this opening from this manga series I been reading for awhile); pretty much more art work. As for commissions?
Yes, I do commissions but I been on and off about them lately. I was hoping my Patreon (Yup, have that too) was gonna help me out, but it slowly became a place I had to work my ass off for other people ideas...and let's say I'm reworking my patreon page to get rid of that. I really don't want to relay on commissions all the time, and I don't want my patreon page to end up like that again. I'm OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS, but CHEAP SKETCH ONES!  
  • $5 for a sketch
  • $7+ for additional characters 
  • $1+ for single shade
  • Any anons (If that anons plays a big part in your commission) will be $7+
  • My style is mostly loose, simple and exaggerate, but that's kinda hard to say since I tend to change my style around. To give you a basic idea what type of style you'll be getting from the commission, here are SOME styles I tend to draw off from. (NOTE: That doesn't mean I'm good that THAT PARTICULAR STYLE nor does that mean I will draw commissions if it fits to that style, this list just showing you where MY art style falls into a lot and carry off from
  1. Dragon  Ball
  2. Adventure Time
  3. Steven Universe
  4. Sonic
  5. One Piece
  6. Jenny X-J9
  7. Kaiji
  8. Panty and Stockings 
  9. Shin Chan
This is gives you a vague idea where I'm at in my style. So, let's say you want me to draw Sonic, just because he's on that list doesn't mean I will draw him dead on to the original style, it just means I got a good grabs on the style, but I will change up the style a bit (Maybe more loose, more cartoon like, more simple) but it will be a bit more faithful the the original style. So, if you ask for a Naruto pic or a Final Fantasy pic, the style might end up like Kaiji, with a bit of Dragon Ball for fun. And NO I will not change my style to be close to the original work. People had asked me before, and since I flip my styles to other styles a lot, I'm not too surprise by that, But again, NO. Take it over leave it. 

I can handle sketch commissions, gonna close down my FULL COLOR INK ones for a bit.
So yeah, if you want a SKETCH commission, PM me. 

Yeah, that's all I gotta say. Aiming high this year. Laterz
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For the time being:
Art trade will be full color, but I got to like your style or your style is almost the same level as mine.
As for a free request, you got to really interest me with your idea.



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